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Anita Gibbs

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

We Missed You

Acrylic on Canvas 48″x36″

This sixth decade of my life has been challenging, to say the least. A surprise layoff, and then another, forced my catapult into unknown creativity. I had never painted in any medium, much less on canvas. Read the rest

532 Votes

Don McGhee

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

Long Tall Guitar Man

Photography 14”x11”

I have loved listening to music for as long as I can remember. The music was aural only—radio and records—until my 60s, when I began attending live performances, mostly of Blues music, beginning in small bars at first, then at concerts and festivals. Read the rest

20 Votes

Shirley Lolles

Category : Emerge! Art Festival


Paper 30”x24”

I am starting over in the field of art, learning new techniques, creating my own techniques by using my creative mind.

60 Votes

Carol Cook Reid

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

Snow in Trees

Acrylic on Canvas 12″x12″

When I retired I resumed a long interrupted practice of painting. As my life experiences have expanded, my inspiration to express imagery has also grown. It is a great joy to me that I continue to emerge as a visual artist.

42 Votes

Pat McLamore

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

Blue Swings

Oil on Hardboard 14”x16″

I am an emerging artist after neglecting my love for drawing and painting for several years since college. About 5 years ago I started back into art, looking to make it my new career. Knowing that art is a very competitive field I tried to define my niche by using different surfaces for my painting and drawing. Read the rest

111 Votes

Janice Murphy

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

All That Hat

Mixed Media 16”x20”

I have been doing art since I was a little kid but never seriously until I turned 70. It is my busting-out time. My art takes something from nothing and makes something.

31 Votes

Warren Wells

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

In a Moment Honey

Oil 71.5”X46.5”

I am a painter. I consider myself “old school.” I feel that, if it cannot achieved by paint, then it’s crafts. I feel that I am an emerging artist because I have health challenges and have relocated quite a bit. Read the rest

41 Votes

Kathy Kosins

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

The Genius of Thelonius

Acrylic on Canvas 48”x36”

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, merging music and improvisational visual art on the stage, a presentation that blends both disciplines, singing and painting. I paint sounds that I hear. Music from both past and current jazz musicians translates into color and texture. Read the rest

60 Votes

Deborah Walters

Category : Emerge! Art Festival

Rainbow Lava

Acrylic Paint Pour 20“x16″

This year’s entries build on one of the techniques, “The Art of Acrylic Paint Pouring,” that I was trying to perfect when I entered last year’s Emerge’ Art Festival. For a while I gave up on acrylic pour painting, as I found better success with alcohol inks. Read the rest

68 Votes

Shirley Garnett

Category : Emerge! Art Festival


Acrylic 24”x18”

I feel that I’m an emerging artist, because I have been searching for ways to express my feeling about today’s situation. I’m frustrated. Thousands have died simply because too many people don’t seem to understand the importance of following mandated, scientifically proven rules. Read the rest

22 Votes
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