Walter Bailey

Queen Tye of the 18th Dynasty

aCRYLIC Fusion aRTs 48”x40”

The visual aRTs adapt and change periodically so that new aRT may be born. Though I have worked in acrylic polymers, as aRT, for the last fifty years I have searched and found an innovative aCRYLIC Fusion aRTs medium that reflects such a change in the visual aRTs. The process, called Reverse aRT Techniques, employs graffiti aRT disciplines with fine aRT applications, applying, fusing and amplifying color to reverse sides of sensitive but durable acrylic polymer surfaces. The result is a highly reflective, three-dimensional painting that stimulates the eye and imagination of the observer. It represents a change from one-dimensional early fusion paintings. aCRYLIC Fusion aRTs drive my award-winning transition and my desire to pass this medium to Next-Gen visionaries in this century and the next.