Deborah Ford

Gay Pride and Lady Justice

Acrylic on Canvas 30”x40”

I have been an emerging artist all my life. At 7 I began to crochet, then turned to quilting, oil pastels, tile work, macramé and floral design. My desire to paint arose in 5th Grade when I visited the DIA and saw the works of Van Gogh. His self portrait and Starry Night persuaded me I could do it. Painting with the palette knife on canvas is my current medium. My entry commemorates gay and transgender workers who, under a 2020 Supreme Court ruling, can’t be fired due to sexual orientation or gender identity. My sister Sissy was lesbian and experienced lots of trouble during her life. She solemnized her partnership with Shelly in 1977 and then with Gina in 1984. She delivered two babies, Ariel and Danielle. Sissy was a true “trailblazer.” I and our family didn’t always agree with her but never left her side. I love you Sissy.