Hannan Center hosted its inaugural EMERGE! Art Festival on Saturday, November 23rd, a juried art prize which highlighted older adult artists (60 years of age+) who emerged as artists later in life or have started to work in new artistic mediums.  Over 110 works were submitted and then narrowed down by a three-panel jury to determine the Top 25.

Congratulations to the Awardees!

1st Place (Juried) and People’s Choice Belle Isle Art Fair

Joyce Jeffrey, Royal Legacy, Black and White Acrylic on Canvas

2nd Place (Juried) and People’s Choice Online Voting

Ida Hawkins, Totem, Mixed Media Copper Repousse

3rd Place (Juried)

Rosemary Summers, My Heart Tricked Me, Acrylic on Canvas

Honorable Mention – Spirit of EMERGE! Award

Judy Bowman, Relaxing with My Blues III, Collage

EMERGE! Art Festival

The public vote was launched in August at the Belle Isle Art Fair and continued online until November 22. Over 14,000 votes were cast for the People’s Choice Award.

EMERGE! is the brainchild of Hannan Center Trustee Randal Charlton, who provided initial funding for the event through the Charlton Foundation.  “This art prize fits right in with Hannan Center’s mission to support creative aging in the community,” said Charlton. “It is a prize with a unique approach: to encourage older adults who have engaged with art later in life or who are exploring new approaches in their work. I am amazed at the artistic talent that Hannan has uncovered with this first competition and I look forward to watching the event expand over the years.”


Special thanks to…..

Patricia Beard and the Bridge Gallery
Jurors: Dr. Cledie Collins Taylor, Carole Morisseau, and Sydney James

Please check out some photos from the event:

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EMERGE! Top 25 Submissions

Thanks to all who voted for the People’s Choice Award!


Contest Ended
Total votes for the Contest "Emerge Art Festival 2019" : 13554

Armando Madrazo

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Oil on canvas

A boat centered on the canvas and a fishermen walking into the beach creates an ethereal composition that takes the viewer into a past time of a simpler life.

110 Votes

Christine Lagin..

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Ceramic Sculpture

136 Votes

Deborah Walters

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Glass

79 Votes

Deniece Daniels

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Hydro stone and acrylic paint

491 Votes

Ida Hawkins

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Metal and a copper reposse

3123 Votes

Ira Russell

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Cold cast Bronze relief sculpture

Part of a multiple piece collection “Music Legends”.  A series of cold cast bronze relief sculptures commemorating legends of music across various genres.

125 Votes

Joan Britton

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Acrylic paint

“Tranquility of Nature” this landscape is from several photos that I photographed many years ago.  It depicts life in the bayous or the everglades where all creatures can live together in tranquility.

127 Votes

Joya Rush-Keli

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Acrylic paint

Three Musicians in white and their orange circular instruments.

225 Votes

Joyce Jeffrey

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Black and White acrylic paint on canvas

A black and white abstract painting of Black people who appear to be of Royal lineage.  This painting invites the viewers to come close and to have an intimate encounter with it, by studying the characters that I have emphasized, and finding new images as well. 

2963 Votes

Judy Bowman

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Collage

This piece is number lll of an on going series. It too represents memories of the men in my family. It shows the love of the arts, music, and a certain swag that the men in my family have. This too is how I see the men in the Black community, strong, resilient, confident and stylish.

2093 Votes

Karen Klein

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Watercolor and color pencil

The first of ten images from a series called The Life of Birds and Insects.  Two water birds view what might be a black and white movie of birds and butterflies camouflaged in the night sky.

49 Votes

Linda McCoy

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Ink

It’s hard to find your way out of the Jungle

267 Votes

Margie Patchett

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Oil on board

“Lavender Fields” was painted in an impressionist style with archival materials, using oil paint, brushes, and  a Kemper tool.

152 Votes

Michael Cohen

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Sugar Maple, Lacewood, Stainless Steel

This was an experimental piece and the first time I incorporated metal into a design.  I tried to make the piece represent how a table would look after it popped apart. The intent was to have people explore how it is held together.

64 Votes

Onorio Ccatenac..

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Photo

While in Malta, observed a “festa” where costumed were of all kinds and lasting several days – This one caught me as entirely “new” and fascinating.

42 Votes

Pat Duff

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Pastel

This pastel collage has religious connotations focusing on man and nature.

53 Votes

Patricia Banasz..

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Pastels

Make head and shoulders.

54 Votes

Priscilla Phife..

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

From the expression, “Stay in Your Own Pane #4” Each color splash is in its own row of panes.  A series. Mostly brushless.

1229 Votes

Ralph Jones

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Photography

Digital inkjet photographic print

39 Votes

Steven Lees

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Acrylic on illustration bd.

A self portrait done in abstract style with an emphasis on pattern.

416 Votes

Walter Bailey

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: aCRYLON aRTs on Acrylic polymer panel

Hands Across the World ll, is the second in my Diversity Era works (1995 to 2005). This ground-breaking aCRYLON aRTs Mediums paintings (aRT on acrylic polymer panels), in Black and White motif, symbolizes eastern and western cultures coming together searching, reaching and vying for peace across our small planet.  This revolutionary series is called aRT Aint Flat No Mo (aRT with curvature) and

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217 Votes

Walter Milke

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta hand study.

101 Votes

Rosemary Summer..

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Acrylics

Title:  My Heart Tricked Me

This young woman is upset and confused about a relationship she thinks she’s in. She met a guy just a week ago and he said he loved her. She believed every word and has been waiting on him to text her back for the past 3 days. She is still waiting.

1320 Votes

Sheila Gaddie

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Woodcut Water Color

A South Korean ferry capsized in South Korean waters.  Over 300 people were killed, including 250 students who were on a school trip.  The woodcut is an impression of a few of the parents  allowed to go onto a bridge near the site where their loved ones were lost.

22 Votes

Amy Ryberg

Category : Emerge Art Festival 2019

Medium: Pastel

A hand thrown pottery bowl, purchased at a local art fair, full of October harvested organically grown beets, of many colors.

57 Votes


This activity is supported in part by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

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